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Thank You for Participating!

The meeting on January 19, 2022 was held in person at the Wilson Park Recreation Center and as a Zoom event. It included a presentation and then allowed attendees to visit stations and gather more information from our technical staff. The feedback you provided will be incorporated into the recommendations phase of the project. The comment period ended Friday, February 11, 2022. 

Thank you for considering what you want transportation in Temple to be like in the coming years - walking through neighborhoods, biking across trails, taking the bus to the grocery store, or commuting to work.

The presentation and meeting materials are provided below. Click on each image to open the document in a new window to review it in greater detail.

Presentation (pdf)

Presentation (audio)


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What is an MMP?

Vision & Goals




Safety: 5-Year Crash Count

Safety: Active Transportation


Existing Traffic

Future Traffic

Current Thoroughfare Network

Thoroughfare Cross Sections

Transit: Employment & Population



Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Texas Rail and Freight

Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis

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